Butterfly-Faced Girl

Some photos I took a while back (over a year ago?).

Dress from Beyond Retro in Brighton.
Butterflies and backgrounds from public domain images.
Photos all of me, by me, taken with a crappy iPad camera.

In a small coincidental way, these photos are a reference to a book I'm meant to be reading.

If I tell you my middle name, my real middle name (Cecily, as you must know, is not my real first name), is Miranda, can you guess what they allude to?
I will be delighted if you get it!
(Although I must admit it is on the obscure side in the realm of our teenage knowledge).
That being said, it has been quite disturbing to read so I don't really like comparing myself to Miranda as I would hate to go through that, so maybe not.
Love and let me know if you can guess!


PS. Here are some hints:
- The author's initials are J. F.
- He shares a first name with the US president those initials made you think of.
- His last name makes me think of chickens and other such birds. Or a misplay in football.


  1. Out of curiosity, what do you use to edit your pictures?

    1. For the filters, the Snapseed app, and for the butterflies, an app called SketchBookX (I don't have a laptop, so all is done via free apps on an iPad).

  2. ...The Collector by John Fowles... :') tell me what you think of the end, I will be intrigued to find out your reaction!

    1. Yep! (You did see me reading it....) I may be a while yet, but will let you know

  3. Those pictures are So. Darn. Beautiful. I love how they're mounted against naturalist print backgrounds.

  4. Your iPad camera is far from crappy, or rather, has a beautiful, soothing effect. On another note, the author's John Fowles, I'm rather sure but as to the book I have no idea (I've only read The French Lieutenant's Woman only to compare Meryl Streep's film character to the author's intended character in Sarah).
    Love the editing x


    1. Thanks! and it is John Fowles -his first work, "The Collector".


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