Friday Morning

Friday Morning
Day when ("Codes" AKA "lessons") go on until 5pm (ie. you need extra sleep to survive).
5:49 AM
All is peacefull and quiet and, most importantly, SLEEPING, in Dorm 11.
5:55 AM
All hell breaks loose.
1st thought: Eh?
2nd thought: Gahhhhh!!!!!!
3rd thought: Ohmygoggahfirethere'sbeenafire!
4th thought: - too disorganised, no fire.
5th thought: ohmygodmaybesomeonediedorthereisagunmaninthebuildingorgahIdon'tknow!
6th though: WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!
5:57 AM
The 2nd years are yelling for us to get downstairs, NOW.
We half stuble for coats and shoes in the little time they give us.
5:58 AM
We are filed downstairs past semi-gloating 2nd year faces.
6:00 AM
They have gotten all of us 1st years lined up in front of the wall just outside the house.
It is dark and cold and raining.
6:02 AM
Followed by a shock of cold water as we are soaked (even more than we already from the rain) by several buckets of icy water thrown from people standing on the house roof.
6:03 AM
"We love you!" shout our second years, much to our dsibelief, "oh, and, by the way, that's your photo for the yearbook!"


  1. Well, that sounds interesting and very memorable! Hopefully you didn't catch a cold or anything and you weren't too tired to get through the day.

    1. So far I'm okay on the cold front, which is a miracl;e considering almost everyone is ill -- in the end it was pretty okay as some other houses were made to jog about in blindfolds, and pretended they would be thrown in the swimming pool...


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