Let's go down to the tennis courts

"Beautiful girls at high school wouldn't even look at you if you didn't have a car and an allowance of twenty bucks to spend on 'em" - From 'Miss Temptation' by Kurt Vonnegut

"All through high school, people like you would look at me as if they wished I'd drop dead. They'd never dance with me, they'd never talk to me, they'd never even smile back. They'd just go slinking around like small-town cops. They'd look at me the way you did - like I'd just done something terrible" - From 'Miss Temptation' by Kurt Vonnegut

All photos of Fleur taken by me


  1. i LOVE the one of her lying down on the court!!!!

  2. i! love! this! vonnegut is one of my favorite writers, and i love the fact that you chose to juxtapose the short story quote to an aesthetically pleasing shoot like this. the aesthetic of tennis courts is like the eighth wonder of the world